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26th of May in St:Gallen/CH

18th – 22nd of June 2018 in Andalusia/near Cádiz/E on the Beach (Zahora). Yoga on the beach, Dancing, Singing, Rhythm, Castanets. Here all informations:

15th - 20th of July 2018 in Heiden/CH Intensive Summer workshop with Hotel possible. Choreography, FlamencoYoga, Technique, Improvisation, Dance notation, Rhythm, Castanets und sitting and enjoying together.

23rd-28th of September 2018 Sevilla/E

1rst-6th of October 2018 Sevilla/E

Information: b.castano(ät)  and whatsapp: 0041 797081341/0034 672510777

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"Sensing the music frees the dancing muse."

Bettina Castaño (Foto: Anja Beutler)