Review Spreitenback 7.2.2010


In the club Zentrumsschopf in Spreitenbach, the dancer Bettina Castaño combines Appenzell folklore and spanish dance.

Flamenco works even with coin-rolling

Four men from Appenzell relaxedly play their instruments in the background, and in the foreground a lady dances, full of temperament. This unconventional combination hit the spot – the public was hooked. The multicultural ambience began before the performance – swiss men and women catered for their hunger and thirst at the Spreitenbach Zentrumsschopf, with tortillas and olives, as well as a fine drop of wine – they felt at home in the Swiss – Mediterranian atmosphere, the best premise for the programme 'Bettina Castaño and the Alder buebe'

Exciting contrast: Bettina Castaño and three of the four Alder buebe at their performance in Spreitenbach.

The show began in east Switzerland, the Alderbuebe presented themselves alone. Ducimer, accordeon, violin and double bass made up the quartet, who of course appeared in Appenzell costume. Traditional folk music and foreign tones were both to be found in their dedicated playing. A fascinating cultural synthesis. And immediately, she was there – Bettina Castaño. In typical flamenco dress, she brought rhythm across the stage, constantly focussed on expression, posture and line of vision, while the Alder buebe played on.

Their temperament was electrified, however the leisurely Appenzeller men were not affected by this. On the contrary, the synthesis of these cultures was successful, and it fascinated the audience – it was as if two colours had been mixed to create a new miracle.

Fast footwork

In the solo number Castaño proved her rhythmical talent once and for all. Her body became a complex percussion instrument. Mouth, fingers, castanets, feet, you could hear clapping and snapping all over the place, her beutiful dress became a treat for the eye in the atmospheric lighting. Castaño's fast footwork caused the public to gasp and then cheer.

Amusing scenes arose – the older men interacted roguishly with the erotic flamenco dancer – both cultures in their own way. With intent everywhere and clear as day 'Birrewegge, lard and bread make the cheeks red' – even this was learnt on Friday evening. In true swiss tradition, the Alder buebe yodeled – much to the delight of the audience. Maybe it was a little due to the wine which was served in the intermission that the atmosphere in the venue was fantastic right to the finish.

"Sensing the music frees the dancing muse."

Bettina Castaño (Foto: Anja Beutler)

Voice for B.Castaño

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