Review from 10.5.2010

Flamenco bewitches folk music

By Silvio Seiler.


Flamenco dancer Bettina Castaño delighted the audience on Friday, in her performance with the Alderbuebe in Brüttisellen.

Wangen – Brüttisellen – in the Gsellhof, 170 visitors asked themselves the same question - A performance with the Appenzell folkmusic formation Alderbuebe (Walter Alder, dulcimer; Michael Bösch, Violins; Fränggi Gehri, accordeon; Köbi Schiess, double bass) and the flamenco dancer Bettina Castaño – can that work?

The Teufen-born dancer glides over the stage to the Zäuerli, conjours up step combinations on that dance floor, that would make any step dancer go green with envy. She moves towards the Alderbuebe gracefully. Passionate flamenco dance bewitches boppy folk music. The Appenzell Ensemble don't move back. During the Paso Doble, it was clear that they were open to new styles. As elegantly as Bettina Castaño moved across the stage, Walter Alder sophisticatedly elicited Spanish rhythms from his dulcimer. Even so early on, the public was already inspired.

The unusual event, which put everyone under its spell, lasted two hours. Dancer and musicians appeared to be fresh, and exceed their own potential. You could see the joy written all over their faces. Their exchange of looks revealed that the interplay of dance and folklore has become a love story. In 1992 the rustic rural band and the dancer crossed paths for the first time. What was then seen as a venture, has long since proved itself. Since last year they have been touring together through Switzerland.

Rewarded cultural group

Urs Bauer, from the cultural group of Wangen- Brüttisellen, was delighted by the performance. It was during last year's artist trade fair in Thun that he became aware of the attraction, and he had them promise a performance then and there. It was the right decision said Bauer happily. 'there has never been such a frenetic applause at one of our performances – we really managed to cater for the taste of the public'

"Sensing the music frees the dancing muse."

Bettina Castaño (Foto: Anja Beutler)

Voice for B.Castaño

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