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23. Oktober 2009

The courtyard of the electoral palace in Trier during the flamenco concert.

Michael Hug

The words 'sold out' appeared soon after the first concert of the 30th season in the Chäller theatre was advertised. Peoples ears pricked up, when it was heard that the 'Alderbuebe' would perform with a flamenco dancer, and were quite intent as to what would be performed on Friday evening. Walter Alder on the dulcimer, the young Alder and violinist Michael Bösch, the bassist Köbi Schiess and the Toggenburg all rounder Willi Valotti on accordeon opened with a 'Zäuerli' (type of singing originating from Appenzell). For the second piece, the true star of the evening, Bettina Castaño emerged.

Successful fusion – the Alderbuebe and Bettina Castaño. Picture: mhu

In a proverbial display of tradition and improvisation, she was the optical and accoustic counterpoint to the four distinguished and silent gentlemen in red stomachers. For them it must have seemed as if she had to show them what to do....but they recovered quickly and complemented the everlasting game between man and woman, with a sequence of harmonious tones.

Surprising compliment

Whether walzer or mazurka, polka or zäuerli – flamenco dance compliments the Appenzell string music surprisingly well. There was no search for experimental and mostly incomprehensible multicultural language. Both stuck with what they were able to do best, the more or less well-known folk songs sounded genuine, just as Castaño's flamenco dance appeared authentic. Her style of interpretation is by no means on silken paws, and if the four gentlemen had not have performed as often as they have with Castaño, they would have been startled, waiting to see if the fire inside her would blaze out of the soles of her shoes. The combination of flamenco and Appenzell string music was Castaño's idea, reveals Willi Valotti. 'Despite her Spanish name, she come from Teufen'


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Bettina Castaño (Foto: Anja Beutler)

Voice for B.Castaño

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