Celli: Thomas Demenga, Fabian Diderichs, Anita Leutzinger and Stephanie Meyer; dance: Bettina Castaño.

Enjoy a special programme with four cellists and a flamenco dancer! A musical journey from Bach to Stravinsky including a composition by Thomas Demenga called ImproCompris. You will also hear ragtime, tangos and waltzes and see the fascinating world of the famous flamenco dancer Bettina Castaño.

(Fotos: El Espina)

(5 artists, 1 engineer, time duration of programme 70 minutes, is subject to change)
Bach al Compás

"Sensing the music frees the dancing muse."

Bettina Castaño (Foto: Anja Beutler)

Voice for B.Castaño

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