Comments on the training material

We have received a lot of praise and recognition for the work we invested in creating the DVDs and the Palmas training books. Here are just a few of the comments:


1. Hello

You brought with these DVDs a great thing on the market! Big compliment! Best regards

Eva Billich                                                                                                                      (Certified instructor of the  "The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning" originated from the work of Joseph H. Pilates.  Certified areas. Author of several Pilates books)


2. Dear Bettina

I have already had a look at the DVD. As a comparison: I bought a training video for sevillanas in Barcelona a couple of years ago. Despite the slow motion I was half dizzy from all the looking and turning….(back then without the disruptive children’s shrieks in the background) Yours is far superior!

These are the things I find great:

  • Appealing intro
  • The different tempi
  • Perspectives
  • Subtle counting and rhythm indication
  • The close-ups of the foot technique, clearly structured and marked, so that one can repeatedly practice specific sections without the annoying searching and missing the cue.
  • Music notation for rhythm overview

A big congratulations to you and Espina!

G. Zora (Switzerland)


3. Hello Espina,

Man, the work you must have put in! The Marcajes der Solea por Bulerias is no walk in the park, but you carried it off fantastically! Now it’s down to practicing – with enjoyment, with this DVD you can really make progress.

Greetings from Bochum,

Wolfgang (Germany)


4. Dear Bettina and Espina,

I never thought I would be able to do the Taranto. Just too difficult, too complicated. And now a light has appeared on the horizon, if I may be so poetic, which can’t be wrong in Flamenco. I can also say, the first ‘ah’ moment is on the horizon. Really well explained and demonstrated, clear enough, slow enough – no one in a flamenco studio has ever been able to get it across to me so well. Many thanks for the great DVD!!!

Warm regards,

K. Steiger (Switzerland)


5. Dear Bettina,

Where were these Palmas training books all my life? Why have I only found out about them now? They are a hit!!! So many mind blowing rhythms, crazy…

Greetings, Freddy (Germany)


6. Dear Ms Castano and Mr Espina,

I have carefully studied your Palmas books and I would like to voice my approval. As a fellow colleague who also produces training material, I know how to value what an immense amount of work was involved in putting together your materials. The distinction you have achieved here is remarkable. Respect!

Best regards,

Dr. Alfred Wesselbach (Germany)


7. Dear Bettina,

I watched your DVDs with enthusiasm and I am currently focussing on the Tango de Malaga. Your DVDs are optimal for self-teaching. Congratulations on this.

Warm regards,

B. Schupp (Switzerland)


8. Hello you two,

I am so taken with your DVDs that I had to write to you. Espina must have invested a huge amount of time to have so patiently produced such a fantastic training video, second for second. I cut films myself. You both contribute so much to flamenco. The learning of the dance and the rhythm is made light and comprehensible. The idea of documenting the whole zapateado in notes is genius. I can well imagine that generations to come will be very greatful to be able to watch such good training videos.

Very warm regards,

Lara Müller-Gerach (Austria)


9. DVD praise

This training DVD from Espina is the best I have ever received – many thanks for this! Everything is spot on,  everything that a dancer in the learning process needs is here: There is rhythm indication, and there is counting, which is extremely important and helpful! The counting is in no way intrusive. You can work with different tempi and practice, which is great. The camera angle is such that you can watch, dance and not loose orientation. The DVD is extremely well structured, which is particularly good for the concentration as you don’t have to search through the DVD and can repeat and practice steps despite this. The show-stopper is that there is even a music notation with this DVD, so you can learn something about the rhythm parallel with the foot technique right from the beginning. This DVD communicates on all the different levels necessary to learn – couldn’t be better!

Thanks a lot for your generous work Bettina and Espina. You motivate me everyday anew!

Best regards,

K. Oberdorff (Austria)


10. Hola Bettina,

I recieved your DVD a couple of days ago and I am really taken with it. The fact that it is now possible to write dances, or zapateados in the form of notes is really unique. This idea will be carried on over decades. On one hand it is amazing that such a training DVD has never been available through a publishers or music supplies shop. On the other hand it seems to be the case with many innovations which first become known along other paths. The comprehensibility and clear structure of your DVD which makes learning the ‘not-so-easy-to-learn zapadeados’ easy, is without a doubt, second to none.

I really cannot think of any other DVD which is more suitable for self-learning!

Many, many thanks.

M. Larisson (from Sweden)



Finally, a training DVD which can be used by dancers of all ages! Here, everyone can work at their own tempo, and gets the rhythm, including the music notation, so well brought across that you could assume Espina was born to be a zapateados teacher. My mother, who is very critical and who watched the DVD sceptically at first , cannot be separated from the DVD player or the dance floor now, and has not yet voiced any criticism at all. Even if I hadn’t found the DVD so fantastic, I would know now at the latest that this DVD must be perfect.


E. Hammerschmidt (Germany)

"Sensing the music frees the dancing muse."

Bettina Castaño