DVD music writing program for zapateados

El Espina will guide you through the music writing program, so that you are  able, write down your Zapteados (feet-percussion) and dance from the leaf. Bettina Castaño will dance the notes that you will learn.

This DVD features all 18 zapateado out on defining which  occur very  often in flamenco dance. Further zapateado definitions are updated continuously. To do this click here.

The following demo video - Part 1 and Part 2 - show only four definitions of total 18 zapateados.




50€ including shipping in Europe

50€ plus 20€ shipping costs overseas for 1-3 DVDs

How can I read and write Zapateados Flamenco? El Espina will take you through the learning programme, so that you will later be able to write Zapateados and dance from the music sheet. Bettina Castaño will dance all the notes that we learn. After the Zapateado Notation Course (DVD = 42 min) your are able to write down following definitions:

1. golpe = stamp
2. tacón (1) = heel, a step striking the heel from a raised position with the ball of the foot on the floor.
3. tacó (2) = heel, a step striking the heel onto the floor from the air.
4. planta = ball, a step striking the ball of the foot on the floor.
5. punta = a step where the tip of the foot strikes the floor.
6. palmas = clapping
7. pitos = finger snap
8. marcaje = marking step (marking time with the feet)
9. double golpe
10.double planta
11. chaflán
12. escobilla = wiper
13. tacón wiped
14. grace notes
15. drumming hands on the thighs
16. drumming hands on the chest
17. bastón = stick
18. castañuelas = castagnets
1. Golpe = Schlag
2. Tacón 1 = Hacke aus dem Ballen geschlagen
3. Tacón 2 = Hacke aus der Luft geschlagen
4. Planta = Ballen
5. Punta = Fußspitze
6. Palmas = Händeklatschen (sordas + claras)
7. Pitos = Schnippser
8. Markaje = Markierungsschritt
9. Doppelgolpe
10. Doppelplanta
11. Chaflán
12. Escobilla = Wischer
13. Tacón escobinaje = Hacken gewischt
14. Apoyatura = Vorschlagsnoten
15. Golpe en el Muslo = Oberschenkelschläge
16. Golpe en el pecho = Brustschläge
17. Bastón = Stock
18. Castañuelas = Kastagnetten

As  more and more  flamenco  dancers  take note  of  the  spelling, automatically results in  a further development  of the  zapateado notation. Click  on Zapateado new definitions to know them.

"Sensing the music frees the dancing muse."

Bettina Castaño (Foto: Anja Beutler)

Voice for B.Castaño

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