Paso Doble -España Cañi

Here Bettina Castaño dances a Paso Doble. The choreography is very simple without castanets. With Castanets it is intended for intermediate to advanced. The special feature in this case, the notation of the zapateados AND the castanets. El Espina plays his guitar with this paso doble, which he also edited. The guitar notes and the zapateado castanet notes can be ordered as a score and individual voice.

Here are four sections on the instructional DVD:

Paso Doble with castanets

Paso Doble with castanets and Notation

Paso Doble without castanets

Paso Doble without castanets but with Notation


50€ including shipping in Europe

50€ plus 20€ shipping costs overseas for 1-3 DVDs

"Sensing the music frees the dancing muse."

Bettina Castaño (Foto: Anja Beutler)

Voice for B.Castaño

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