Bettina Castaño mit den Alderbuebe in Dubai (29.1.-1.2.2010)

Nach dem Auftritt ein Besuch des höchsten Bauwerkes der Welt (880 m)
Michael Bösch und Bettina Castaño mit zwei Scheichs

Bettina Castaño war vom 4.12.2005 bis 2.2.2006 in Indien.

Sie hatte dort diverse Auftritte mit den berühmtesten Musikern Südindiens: Karuna Moorthy (Tavil-Player), Mattanur Sankaran Kutty (Chenda-Player), Binny Krishnakumar (Singer) und Jayaram (Schauspieler) etc.. Ob in Trivandrum im großen Theater TAGORE, im Landesfernsehen KAIRALI oder bei der Eröffnung der Buchmesse in Calcutta - Castaño´s neues Programm mit südindischen Musikern war ein totaler Erfolg. Auch ihr Flamencoworkshop in Dehle, von der spanischen Botschaft in Dehli organisiert, fand sehr großen Anklang.

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Online edition of India's National Newspaper

Flamenco rhythms


Bettina Castano's flamenco performances use a variety of regional music thus setting it apart.

Reaching out: Bettina dancing to chenda melam.

THE Spanish dance Flamenco has a surprising Indian connection. It is believed that the dance was brought to Andalusia in southern Spain by gypsies from Rajasthan more than a thousand years ago. This dance form is very popular in southern Spain, especially in Seville.

The Flamenco dancer wears special shoes, Zapatos, with high heels that she pounds rapidly on the floor to produce an exciting rhythm. In Spanish, this feet-percussion is called zapateado.

Handclaps, palmas, and finger snaps are sounded in tandem with thezapateados. Combining these with graceful arm movements called the braceo, the dancer expresses the mood of the song. Traditionally, a guitar provides accompaniment.

Blending cultures

Now what happens if the guitar is replaced by the chenda or the thavil? A meeting of two cultures, says Bettina Castano, internationally acclaimed Flamenco dancer currently on her maiden tour of India. At a recent show in Thiruvananthapuram, she wowed the audience by dancing to the chenda melam performed by maestro Mattannoor Sankarankutty.

And as a prelude to dancing to the thavil, she is in the process of learningtalas from Karunamoorthy, a well-known thavil artiste.

The love for blending traditional Flamenco dance with regional music sets Bettina Castano apart and has made her popular. According to her, the best thing about her performances is "a widening of my outlook as I am able to get in touch with the best artistes of another culture".

On her initiation into Flamenco, Bettina says: "Dancing is an awareness of life in the south of Spain. Every child and every woman dances, no matter if she is 18 or 80. As for me, the powerful singing and the rhythm of the Flamenco fascinated me. And as I began playing the cello from childhood, music became very dear to me."Collaborations Bettina has collaborated with Hakim Ludin, the top Afghan percussionist, to produce shows such as "Hands and Feet", famed for its wildly dynamic rhythms. She has partnered with Mohammed Tahmasebi, a master of the Dombac; and presented programmes with stringed musicians from the Swiss region of Appenzell and violinists from Bratislava.

She has danced to the tunes of famous cellists, besides choreographing dances to the classical music of Beethoven, Bach, and Brahms as well as Spanish classical music. She has also worked with Slovakian gypsy dancers and also performs Tango Argentino and other Oriental dances integratingthemwith Flamenco.

What is amazing about Bettina's dance is her ability to "feel" the music, be it of any region, and transforming it into a cultural dance, transcending all cultural barriers and integrating it to form a unique art form.






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